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New photos posted 1 June 2017

Mike Sanderson has submitted photographs of graduation day for the Class of 1976 at Sheffield City Hall.
Please see Photos

January 2017

Sales of the 2nd edition of Sorby's Legacy have been slow, but steady. A further £50 was donated in support of Prof Wellman's course in palynology.

May 2016

The spirit of Sheffield geologists remains strong as reunions from different years continue. The Class of 1971 recently celebrated their 45th anniversary with a field trip to Ireland, and have decided to share the experience. Please see Latest Reunions for details.
If any other group would like to share their reunion photos, please contact Alison Hunter illustrator@aditlevel.co.uk for DropBox instructions.

Sorby's Legacy: Geology at the University of Sheffield

Update 8 December 2015 Sales of Sorby's Legacy are slow but steady. An additional £50 has been donated in support of Prof Wellman's course in palynology. Amazon rating 5 stars
If anyone else wishes to support palynology at Sheffield, donations can be made to the Alumni Fund specifying that Prof Wellman's course is to be the recipient.
For details see www.sheffield.ac.uk/alumni/donate

2nd Edition now available

In 2011 the Special Honours Geology Class of 1971 held their 40th reunion at the Shap Wells Hotel. Over that weekend it was decided that a book documenting the achievements of the Department together with an explanation for its closure should be attempted. After two years of research, the book Sorby's Legacy: Geology at the University of Sheffield was published to coincide with the Centenary Reunion held on 21 September 2013. See History for more details.

Update 4 March 2015 The second edition of Sorby's Legacy: Geology at the University of Sheffield is now available directly through Amazon or by ordering through other outlets using the ISBN number.
UK price £9.99, US price $15.40
ISBN-13: 978-1507708071
Proceeds to be donated to the Palynology course run by Prof Wellman to support fieldwork.
Alison Hunter illustrator@aditlevel.co.uk

Update October 2014

  1. The last copies of Sorby's Legacy: Geology at the University of Sheffield 1st Edition have now been sold. This means a further donation of £50 will be made to the Palynology Fund.
  2. Following his early retirement in 1984, Derek Humphries continued his research on Henry Clifton Sorby until his death in 2000. His papers have remained untouched until the demise of his widow last year. In the absence of a Geology Department at the University, his executors have donated this material to the Weston Park Museum. This was deemed appropriate as the Museum had strong ties with the Department and maintains a healthy connection with the Sorby Natural History Society. Alison Hunter (author of Sorby's Legacy: Geology at the University of Sheffield) has been asked, as a museum volunteer, to catalogue the items.
  3. For new photographs of the 1961 Sahara Expedition see Photos

New Campus Masterplan revealed - 29 September 2014
Check out the extensive changes proposed at www.sheffield.ac.uk/campusmasterplan
There are plans for a new Science Building near the Hicks Building, opposite Dainton, but whether plans will include geology as part of an Environmental Science course is not indicated. Feedback is requested.

Update May 2014
Proceeds from the sale of the book, amounting to over £600, have been donated to support the student field work in the palynology courses run by Professor Wellman in the Animal and Plant Sciences Department at the University of Sheffield (the last surviving section of the Earth Science Department). The money has been invested through the University of Sheffield's Alumni Office and starting in October 2014, the fund will help to support fieldwork for four Level 3 students, two Masters and one PhD.
Geology is not dead in Sheffield - see Prof Wellman's Palynology Newsletters.


Alison Hunter illustrator@aditlevel.co.uk


Sheffield Area Geology Trust

The Sheffield Area Geology Trust (SAGT) was formed in September 2008, and incorporated the South Yorkshire RIGS (Regionally Important Geological Sites) Group (SYRG) and the Sheffield Building Stones Group.

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