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The Geological Society was formed in 1946 at the suggestion of Norman J. Guest. The students of that time, many of them being ex-service personnel, possessed great enthusiasm and established a programme of lectures and field trips. A Constitution was drawn up and adopted in 1948. After Professor Leslie R. Moore came to Sheffield in 1949 both the Department and the Society flourished in numbers. 1951 saw the establishment of the Journal by J.R. Dobson and an additional activity: a week-end excursion. The annual event of the Presidential address was inaugurated in 1953 and the first was given by H.J. Sullivan.
Production of the Journal would not have been possible without the support of the Department's secretarial staff who typed and reproduced it - originally in the days before photocopiers!

Copies of the Journal are housed in the basement stacks of the University's Western Bank Library.
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St George's in Carboniferous times
St George's in Carboniferous Times
Journal of the University of Sheffield
Geological Society 1983
Volume 8, Number 2
Illustration by R.J. Wallis

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